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  Island Excursions

All within a 1hr boat ride from Maputo; a lying just 37 km off the Mozambican capital and positioned at the entrance to Delagoa Bay.

Portuguese Island. 1 hr by our boat will take you to this tiny, uninhabited haven. The protected reserve is home to countless birds, exotic marine life and wide, unspoiled beaches. Hidden lagoons and mangrove trees, all add to the magic of this beautiful place. An attractive holiday destination for anyone who wants to savor the laid-back rhythms of a small, semitropical, Indian Ocean island. On the fringe of the tropics, it has a wealth of breathtaking beaches, coral reefs and exotic marine life on offer.

Inhaca Island is a small-inhabited island, It has much to recommend it: it is easily accessible by boat or ferry from the capital of Mozambique, Maputo; it has a wealth of breathtaking beaches and it offers some of the best scuba diving and big-game fishing in the world.
The island also features large areas of unspoiled evergreen forest and bush land. Large areas of its land and shores have been protected as natural reserve since 1976, providing a unique and pristine environment, which can be enjoyed by taking one of the excellent two- to three-day hiking trails that are available for the avid walker. All told, Inhaca has some 100 km of coastline, much of it having some of the best coral reefs in the Mozambique Channel. Snorkeling conditions in the inshore bay areas are excellent for novices and, while visibility may not be as good as it is on the offshore reefs, marine life is plentiful. The diving Inhaca has on offer is world class. The fish life is virtually untouched and the reefs are unspoiled.

You can amble across the narrow strait between Inhaca and Portuguese Island when the tide is low.

Santa Maria. Santa Maria Wall (also known as Ponte Torres) is on the other side of Inhaca island. The boat trip takes approximately 90 Min from Maputo. This is an excellent place for the avid bird watcher, and several rare bird species have been seen in the region. Also an excellent destination for the surf or fly-fisher and the reef is really great for diving or snorkeling.

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